Types of traffic

This blog post is introductory to the different types of traffic to a website.

There are three forms of traffic:
Organic traffic.
Paid traffic.

Organic traffic

The traffic you don’t control.

Most of the time this is the traffic that goes to your authority site (e.g: andrewdetiffe.com). Organic search. Boost it via SEO. It’s free and powerful. You can’t control how search engines (e.g., Google, Bing) rank your website. Don’t be set on this concept of free traffic.

Create good habits to create good and unique content.

Don’t go for highly competitive keywords, though! I will be developing this in a future post.

Paid traffic.

The traffic you control.

Paid traffic via ads etc.

Traffic goes to your Lead Pages or Authority Site. Good to starting! Like $20 a day, for instance. Good because people may like your content. If people like it, invest more in that content, scale-up that content. Some platforms like Facebook or YouTube don’t like you sending users to a lead page only to collect emails. Because it upsets users, they want you to deliver value. There is limited real estate in Google Ads or YouTube ads to provide valuable information. So you may want to direct them to a hidden page in your authority site with micro-commitments.

List follow-up

The traffic that you own. Newsletters etc. Re-introduce a product, new product, etc.

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