The Shift by Wayne Dyer

Who you are is what you have. It begins with our toys. Then our bank account and our possessions.
While we should identify ourselves based on our passions. I wanted to write: identify ourselves based on our possession!

We have a set of beliefs, “the more I have, the more I am valuable as a person”. We grow our children in a culture that emphasizes more.

My worth as a human being is based on how much I accomplish. We have to make more money. Get a promotion and compete with everybody.

But… deep inside a calling… to do something great and contribute.
Don’t ignore that part of you!

Imagine if you could do everything you do from this place called DARMA. The “darma” is your purpose. You won’t find it you are just connected to it. Vs EGO (Ego is your enemy!).

You don’t need to find a date! It will come in time.

What does constitute success?

He was a Best Seller. He was writing books about psychology. But he felt like something more. He felt a calling. And he felt The Shift taking place. When he made the shift he felt the freest he had never felt in his life. Even though there was a bit of fear.

Stop interfering. The example of the mother trying to get kids to eat lunch. Kids who were all but hungry.
Instead… it’s ok to just let them come in here once they are hungry. Instead of forcing them. The Flow.

50 minutes

Stop interfering with our lives. You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are!

What is your calling?
Are you ready to make a shift to answer it? To reach your darma.

Ambition with purpose.
Allowing this to show-up.
The fight is gone.

You are not here to push live. To make it a struggle.
You are here to enjoy it.
That’s what happens when you are in the afternoon of your life.

I love taking care of you and the family.
But when I paint I feel connected. Blessed.

4 Cardinal Virtues to live by them:

  • Reverence for All Life
  • Natural Sincerity
  • Gentleness
  • Supportiveness

After all this time, the sun never says to the earth: you owe me. Think about a love like that.

Just one day, focus on making the world better for someone else.
Touch someone’s life is better than any amount of money.

You can be a teacher, cab driver, manager, whatever: how can I serve, be gentle, a referral? Put your attention on “how may I serve?”.

People you go to, run a business out of this, not being attached to outcome but on service. Life becomes about living these virtues.

Someone’s life is touched through my existence.

…a thought away from changing your life.

His last sentence.

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