The problems with the Six Figure Mentors – SFM

In this article, I will review the Six Figure Mentors education and affiliate program. I joined SFM back in December 2019.

SFM provides the resources and coaching needed to start a business online. The founders, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, promote the laptop lifestyle. When you watch the video series or go through the first few modules, you will see Stuart talking as he drives a Porsche. Stu is selling the dream. It’s attractive and makes the rich world very approachable. While Stuart clearly states that getting rich is not the goal, it is omnipresent in his videos.

It made me think about a funny video called here In My Garage.

But they also do an excellent job of making it sound easy. I think a lot of people sign up for SFM, thinking that it’s going to be a convenient way to make money online. Once they know how to create a blog post, install a few WordPress plugins, and get their affiliate links out the door. They couldn’t be further from the truth. If it was that easy, everyone would do it.

90% of the people at SFM in the community will make next to no money in affiliate marketing, and will likely give up. I have seen it first hand.

If you go in this adventure thinking that you will take the next five weeks off, rush through the materials, build your site, leave your job and then live on a yacht, stop now. I’ve seen tons of abandoned SFM affiliate sites where the owner followed the methods outlined in SFM training, worked hard for a few weeks or months, never to return.

I’m calling it as I see it. I’ve peeked many of the sites linked webinars, facebook groups, and user profiles. A lot of them are pretty poorly designed and lack a decent User Experience. It doesn’t seem obvious to some people why they don’t make a penny. To me, it’s painfully obvious. I understand that we’ve all got to start somewhere.

SFM’s Sales pitch

SFM is legit. I have no doubt one can build a profitable business or leveraging an existing business by utilizing SFM training and community resources. What Stuart refers to as The System of Selling Online.

However, some of the sales pages and member testimonials are a bit misleading in the sense that they oversimplify the process of building a profitable site from scratch. It nowhere emphasizes how much work is involved. The several months you will have to dedicate to this before you start seeing any sort of financial return.

Simply put, with this online selling system, all the sorting and sifting is done automatically.

How to effortlessly generate an endless stream of leads for your website, so you never have to buy junk leads from rip off brokers or agencies.

How to get (and scale) virtually unlimited targeted traffic to your website.

These are the exact steps that Stuart and Jay use to generate EIGHT FIGURES in sales revenue a year across their multiple businesses.

The System of Selling Online

If you’re not yet an SFM member, you can go here to see their main sales page. The “Getting Started Modules” is composed of 5 modules.

  • Module 1: Program preparation
  • Module 2: Picking your path: choose an interest
  • Module 3: Planning your promotions
  • Module 4: Preparing your platforms: set up your site(s)
  • Module 5: Promoting your products

There is no misinformation outlined in these modules, but be prepared to spend tons of hours learning and asking questions.

Program preparation

This is where you attend your new Member Orientation Workshop (“OC”). The workshop is a live call announced mindblowing by Jay K. While it was interesting and valuable, it was not mind-blowing. The call was all over the place.

You will also define your Digital Lifestyle Bluprint and Business plan in this module. It was interesting to realize how my mindset had shifted from the first version of my business plan. To some extent, it helped me get clarity on what I was ready to do and invest to reach my goals. To be frank, I didn’t want to spend a dime on promoting my business and content. I had put $50 of expenses per month, tops. In my second revision, I increased that number to $400. Why? Keep reading.

Pick your path

This module has been transformative to me in the sense that it guided me to reflect on my journey. It helped me get my priorities in life straight. As I mentioned in this blog post about my past burnout. The module helps pinpoint your purpose and what you are looking for. Chances are you don’t want money for the sake of having money (even though you may not realize it). Money enables you to do something. What could this be?

SFM will help you select a good niche. If you lack a niche, they also quickly position the option to market Six Figure Mentors as an affiliate.

No one new to affiliate marketing should pursue a niche solely based on the prospect of making money. To be successful, you must pursue a niche that you are passionate about.

Follow your passion, not the money. Don’t be a soulless SFMer who tries to start a business by promoting something you have no idea bout and have yet to see success with yourself.

I have seen countless of folks lying about their results. When they start their websites and create their first blog post, they write: “Here is how I left my job after five months and bought a yacht”. They miss the point. SFM has loads of success stories that they use to sell. But you can’t fast-forward the process.

And that is my biggest issue with, not SFM itself, but some of the members. They bullshit, thinking they will rack more leads. It not only discredits them, but it also penalizes the rest of the community, genuinely promoting SFM’s education. This is how Bing has, in the past, forbidden any ads or destination pages that contained the word “SFM”. People start smelling when there are almost the same types of ads all over the place. On the other hand side, there are so many people in the world you’d tell me.

The first modules insist on being vulnerable, honest, transparent. It’s easy to forget what SFM has taught you when it comes to creating your website. It’s easy to sell yourself as someone you’re not. This is deceptive and lazy. Instead, seek to provide value. Be informative. Be helpful. Be respectful and honest. Like Stuart says, money is the byproduct of what you bring to society. A better title for this post would have been, The Problem With SFM members.

Read this if you are already an affiliate for SFM, the Six Figure Mentors.
You don’t need to say, “I am going to show you how”. You still are where you are in the journey. The whole benefit to the community, to digital business and being in a place with more leverage, is to never have to rely on just one person but being able to rely on multiple, on systems. Get out of that headspace. In our ads, blog posts, all of that, we are always demonstrating the system. If you put it out there with small things like that, “I am going to handhold you through all of this”. What is happening, unconsciously, your audience is thinking that they are going to have to do the same thing. As they warm up and learn more. We want more time freedom! You will be working 24/7 if that’s really what you were to be doing.

Mea culpa

“Fake it until you make it” is something I did too at the very beginning of my journey with Six Figure Mentors. I changed directions drastically since then. Disgusted with the content I had created copied. Let me explain.

You are encouraged to learn over the shoulders of other SFMers, such as the person who referred you at SFM (your referral partner). My referral partner authorized us (encouraged us) to copy his sales pages content and follow-up emails to get started more quickly. Full transparency: some referral partners go the extra mile to help their members so that those members get results faster and purchase more training from SFM to level up their game. Not everyoe is born leader. The referral partners then get commissions on those sales (Marketing Mastery, Brand Incubator, Mastermind Experience).

The biggest mistake I made a the time was to clone his content. Copy, paste, replace his name with mine. That’s it. The result was nothing like me, of course. My wife was furious at me as she couldn’t recognize me in any of this content.

It struck me during a webinar, “ELITE Influence Masterminds”. A member was sharing her work and video ads to get feedback from folks on the call. She was just starting at SFM, yet her ad was along the lines of: “And only five months after I joined SFM, I was able to leave my job as a cleaning lady. Work from home and spend the day with my kids”. And that made me feel like a fraud.

So I searched on Google based on some common assets used by SFM member affiliate websites. I found loads of them. That’s when I started rewriting my sales pages and follow-up emails.

My take-away is that as long I am aligned with my values and that I recognize when I deviate from them, I am fine.

Build your site

There is a LOT in this module! Stuart goes over The Marketer’s Foundation (marketing 101): target market, bridging, briding process, customer avatar, etc.. It was mindblowing to me as a newbie to marketing. That’s when you get clear on what content or ad got you to join this program. I don’t see ads the same way anymore as I try to dissect them and understand who they are targeting.

SFM has an install wizard (“MiniSite”), which can have your site published online within seconds. It’s not customizable, and it is just a sales page.

During this module, you learn how to choose a platform to set up your Authority Site. They go over the benefits of their own hosted service (Digital Business Lounge or DBL) that I haven’t tried at the time of writing this post. You have one free website and free business email with DBL included in your SFM membership. And of course, you can be an affiliate for DBL too.

The steps are:

  • Choosing Your Domain
  • Purchasing Your Domain
  • Installing WordPress
  • Activate Plugins
  • SEO Preparation
  • Cleaning Up Your Site
  • Adding A Contact Form
  • Adding Disclaimers & Policies
  • Adding Google Analytics

Finally, this module ends with content creation 101 to understand how to create a blog post using WordPress.

You also build your email list. You then configure your business email and follow-up emails with a third-party platform, AWeber.

Beyond the modules

Most of the content at SFM is self-served. In the sense that you have to search for the resources and training that interest you. There are tracks that you can follow. For example, when you start, you do module 1 to module 5. Then once you generate consistently ten leads a day, you can move on to the next track. Until you reach the next level (ten leads a day), you are on your own… kind of.

You have to find your way through a ton of content, various Facebook groups, webinars, etc. It’s like trying to grab one confetti in the middle of a storm. You have a gigantic community at your fingertips. Which can be super useful as one question asked gets a dozen answers. But that same community can become time-consuming if you start to involve yourself in it. See 5 things leaders do.

You can, for example, find affinity groups where you work on your business and get fit at the same time (no kidding). I’ve got to say, I have heard touching stories about people doing drugs getting back on track via SFM. This is to say how diverse the community is.

In parallel, since I am DEA Elite (more below). I have an extra-curriculum on the side, the “ELITE Influence Workshop”. I also have access to dozens (if not hundreds) of webinars and training that were recorded where successful students of SFM give talk on random subjects.


  • “Youtube secrets.”
  • “Using the Power of YouTube. YouTube Setup, SEO, Subscriber Outreach.”
  • “Personal Journey. Meditation and Mindset. Visualization. Behaving as a Leader. Intent. Building Trust. Ice Cold Communicating. Testing the System.”
  • “How to Think Like a Business Owner & Set Up a Strong Foundation for the Future by Planning for Success”
  • “15 Point Checklist When You’re Getting Leads But Not Making Application Sales”

How much have I spent on SFM?

I wrote this review about the Six Figure Mentors, thousands of dollars down the road.

Total so far to be a member and affiliate for SFM: $594.95
DEA curriculum and higher positioning at SFM, Elite: $2,300.00

SFM Essential is a monthly membership with a $297 enrollment fee at $97 per month.

Monthly membership:

  • Mar. 19, 2020, DIGITAL EX* DIGITAL EX 8442352332 NJ AMT $97.00


  • Application fee: Dec. 17, 2019, DIGITAL EX* DIGITAL EX 8442352332 NJ $29.95
  • Essential enrollment: Dec. 19, 2019, DIGITAL EX* DIGITAL EX DIGITALEXPERTNJ $197.00
  • DEA Elite: Jan. 3, 2020, DIGITAL EX* DIGITAL EX DIGITALEXPERTNJ $2,300.00

While not directly linked to SFM, I also pay every month the email service I use for my newsletter, AWeber:

  • Apr. 3, 2020, Recurring Bill Payment AWEBER COMMUNICATIONS 215-825-2196 PA AMT 49.00$
  • Jan. 3, 2020, AWEBER COMMUNICATIONS 215-825-2196 PA AMT 32.67$

How much have I made at the time of writing this post?

Four months down the road, I’ve made 0$ with SFM. And that’s ok with me. What? How come? I consider SFM to be an education before anything else. I’ve personally grown a lot from this adventure. And that’s only the beginning. If you need a way to get cash fast, affiliate marketing is not the best way.


Is SFM a legit product?

Do I recommend SFM?
Yes and no. If you go on this journey with realistic expectations, aware of the hard work and sacrifices ahead (time mainly), SFM can provide you with a road map to success. No doubt.

SFM can be useful to those just starting. I think that their service attracts a lot of lost souls and misled buyers because of how easy SFM members advertise it. Sure, you could make some money in affiliate marketing if you follow their training and tutorials and put in a tremendous amount of work (like I do every single day since I joined!). I’m sure of this. But most people who land at SFM will be lucky if they make enough money to pay for their membership.

I will give it a go and see if it works. If it does, I will be able to change my life. If it doesn’t, I will have to find the next thing.

Don’t be a shiny object seeker who is always jumping from one opportunity to another. If you commit to any education or program, SFM or not, stick with it. I saw this common trait in people that didn’t succeed – only looking for quick wins. I said these words, “I will give it a go and see if it works” to my SFM consultant, Daniel. His answer was: “I don’t think this is how an entrepreneur thinks.” I could write a full blog post about that answer.

Since joining the Six Figure Mentors, it has been my goal to help new and existing members speed up the process for getting results. If you’re someone who’s wanting to try it out and see if affiliate marketing is right for you, go sign up. If you join through this post, I will be your referral partner, will follow you and provide answers if you get stuck. But that doesn’t mean I’ll do the work for you. I’m here to help facilitate success, but creating a successful business is on you.

If you have made up your mind about SFM, Six Figure Mentors, please make sure you position yourself in the system in a way that is right for you in your current situation. Besides your income, membership, etc.

I review affiliate programs as I test them thoroughly. You can receive tips and updates by sucribing to my newsletter below.

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