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Disclaimer: I am still working on this article as I restructure a lot of notes I gathered in different training and workshops. I share it as-is to enable my members to learn from my experience.

An “avatar” is a person with a problem that we are going to solve. A person who has specific believes and values. This is your target market.

You cannot just target your add out there to everyone. If you market to everyone, you market to… no one. The web is full of information. Don’t try to write content only to please a wide audience. Your content will not resonate, connect with your audience and will not convert.

We don’t look at the messages in front of us anymore, add blindness. Without that good quality content, you are just another vanilla add.

Marketing is not about placing a ton of ads. It is about getting the right message to the right people at the right time.

Show your audience that you understand them better than they do themselves. It’s not that they want passive income. What for? Passive income gets other things. What are those things?

Types of Avatar

Three types:

  • You are your avatar. You are a candidate for the product and service you are promoting. To start, look at yourself. There you go, you have your avatar and target market! What is it that got you here to read this blog post, for instance? Or maybe your avatar is “simply” a younger version of yourself, maybe? Build your avatar around your experience.
  • Interview someone who is that person. Don’t try to assume how people feel. It is a big marketing mistake.
  • Research on the internet. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOUR STORY. It could be a story from a book or from an interview. You have to show that you understand the pain points of your avatar, his world. Ideally, you take existing stories. But in the end, it’s up to your level of HOW you understand your avatar. Or a story you heard in a movie. It all serves a good cause. Some people are reluctant to share their personal stories.

Avatars are not labels

Age, profession, etc. are called labels. Labels are not your avatar. Targetting on labels restrict you to reach out to the people who have problems you have to solve. Chances are the problem you are solving is shared across a lot of people! By restricting based on labels, you restrict your audience.


Problem: lack of time
Avatar: “Single mum teacher.”

Why do you only talk to teachers? Do you think only teachers have a lack of time? You don’t care about the profession.

Don’t narrow down your targeting too much

Let’s take the example of someone who is targeting burned out mums.

It’s too limited! Burnout would be an amplification of the pain points of not being passionate about the job that you do.

This is not your avatar! Your avatar is someone who wants more passion for his job.

Use your story

Be clear with your own story. It will create movement in others. People are going to see themselves through you. What are your customers’ needs, what do they want, what do they dream about, what are their desires, their irrational thinking, etc. Utilize that in your communication. For my SFM members, this is part of your Elite Workshop 2.

How do we come up with those values and believes?

Brand Incubator is a solution, but not scalable every time you need an avatar! There is another way, a game…

The why game

If you don’t know what the why game is, it’s straightforward. This is the favourite game of Matti, my son, two years old at the time of writing this post: “Why Daddy, why? Whyyyyy? But Why?”. The idea here is to ask yourself as many questions as possible.

Here are the rules:

  • Try to answer at least ten rounds of “why”.
  • Start the game in a quiet environment.
  • Be 100% honest.
  • Be vulnerable. You getting goosebumps is a good sign!

Let’s assume you are like me, promoting personal development and business education and training. And you choose yourself as an avatar.

Why would I consider going to business education?
Re-educate me to build a business.

Why do I want to build a business?
Of course, there are multiple reasons, but I promised you to be honest.
So the first one that came to my mind was financial freedom.
Write my own paycheck; this was my first reason.
Probably like many digital entrepreneurs.
Your avatar would build a business to reach digital freedom! Nice.
Let’s keep going until we feel like we get closer to the “construct of reality” (aka your avatar as Justin calls it).

Andrew, why do you want financial freedom?
I want financial freedom to spend more time with my family and to create security for my family. I want them to be independent of that struggle.
Security, family, those are values. This already resonates better than just “Online Business Education”, because your avatar will only consider going for online business education to achieve “security for their family”!

Why do I want security for my family?
Because I believe my family, people I care about and good people, in general, deserve security.

Why do you believe that good people deserve security?
I believe that because good people can make the world a better place. Bad people cannot do that. That’s just what I believe. To do that, they need security. If they are only concerned with survival, they can’t focus on that.

Why making the world a better place? Why even bother?
Because I want my son to live in a better world.

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