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I am updating this page as questions arise from my members. If you are not part of my community of Digital Entrepreneurs, feel free to ask questions as a comment or reach out to me.

What is Aweber?

AWeber is an online service to automate follow-up emails (an autoresponder). You can view statistics about your emails, on a user base or aggregates. For example, you can see if Bob has opened the last email you sent him. If he did, you could connect directly with him to support him further in his business. With a 1 to 1 communication.

AWeber affiliate program

AWeber has an affiliate program with a hefty 30% in referral payments.


Hello Andrew Detiffe,

Great news, you have just sold an account for AWeber.

Sale Information:

Your Percentage: 30%
Total Payment: $9.80

Aweber FAQ

How do I integrate Google Analytics with AWeber?

Here is a very detailed post from AWeber about how to set up Goal trackings.

Single Opt-In vs. Double-Opt-In, what’s the difference and why does everyone in SFM use single opt-in

Henna asked: single versus double opt-in any opinions on which one is better? I get the impression that most people are using single opt-in, is that the recommended choice?

You don’t need to double opt-in for GDPR compliance.

Double opt-in means that after someone has entered their name and email address, AWeber sends them an email asking the person to confirm that they want to join your list. Aweber gives them the option to either confirm or not. Unless they proceed with the confirmation they’re not going to get any emails from you.

Single-opt-in means that once they’ve opted in on your landing page and that’s it. No further confirmation required.

I am personally not a fan of double opt-in for my leads. The reason that I don’t want to use double opt-in is that about 70% of people will enter their name and email on your landing page, then they’ll get on with their life, and they’ll completely forget that they’ve even signed up for your list! I mean, you can look at the stats, some emails stay undread for days. Including the very first one!

After a few days, they will just ignore that one little email from AWeber that says, “Hey, are you sure you want to subscribe?”. An email that is probably gone to junk anyway! That means that your lead cost is going to be roughly two or three times higher than if you just use single opt-in.

You could argue that your lead quality is potentially better though. Honestly, my view is I’d rather have people on my list and receiving my content anyway. Because they may start looking at my emails in the future. With double opt-in, you’d never get that scenario.

Can I use UTM codes with AWeber

Check-out my article on UTM codes to get a jump start.

## Example to track the performance of our Black Friday sales email campaign in Google Analytics.

For the Campaign Source, use AWeber so you can tell the link being tracked is for use with AWeber.
For the Campaign Medium, use email so you know the link being tracked is for emails.
For the Campaign Name, you can enter the type of content that you are tracking.
You do not need to fill in anything for Campaign Term or Campaign Content as they are optional.

Whenever someone clicks a tracking link in your messages, that click will be recorded under your Acquisition > "Campaigns" report within your Google Analytics account.

Here is an AWeber article on this subject.

Truncated Subscription Source URLs in AWeber

See my post about troubleshooting truncated Subscription Source URLs in AWeber.

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