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You guys, beachbody is a pyramid scheme

I have resurrected this article I had saved offline before I joined Beachbody (my story joining Beachbody here). I am reposting this content because the original site where the article was posted is down. And I am sure it can help a lot of folks out there. It is a blunt and truthful article about […]

RV solar for beginners

My Ultimate Tip: Before buying solar panels for your RV, do the maths and calculate the actual power (different from the power advertised), this will also allow you to compare offers equally. If you find a great deal at 130W from Renogy, put 130W instead of 150W. This post is ideal for RV and solar […]

Gimp Cheat Sheet

Adding a Background to the Text You have to use Layers. How to View the Layers List in GIMP Open the Navigation Pane. https://www.gilesorr.com/papers/gimp-tutorial/x158.html Crop An Image Tools > Transform Tools > Crop Common image sizes WordPress Enfold Theme: 1210 x 423 pixels. Youtube Thumbnail Image: 1280 x 720 pixels From YOutube doc itself: Your […]

Assets vs liabilities

We see it on Instagram and YouTube. Rich people with expenses accessories, driving a Porsche and staying in luxurious hotels. There is something we don’t see, however, what could it be? This blog post was an email that was part of my first follow-up email series. I can relate many of my decisions (good or […]