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We’ve Coached Over 3000 Students Worldwide

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“Build A Business Around Your Lifestyle, Not A Lifestyle Around Your Business”

Exclusive Training Videos

Video 0: Introduction, Meet Stuart – Who We Are And How We Can Help You.

Video 1: How To Start A Business You Can Run From Anywhere In The World.

Video 2: Sell Other People’s Stuff (You Don’t Need Your Own Product).

Video 3: How A Complete Beginner With No Experience Can Get Started.

What We Offer

  • Search and access over 10,000 expert-led courses in business, creative and technology.
  • Unique training modules created in-house by true industry leaders
  • Access to premium LinkedIn Learning ($299.88 value)
  • Specialized digital business mastery programs
  • A tried and tested business system for you to start leveraging immediately

We’ve got everything you need to create a successful online business, that you love to work on.

But, we also concentrate on something a lot more special. We care about your personal development and mindset mastery too, because we know that’s another fundamental key to your online, business and life success.

Learn How To Market Almost Any Product Online

If you decide to join our community and get started with the plan at $29.99, you will have access to a range of tools to help you in your daily affiliate marketing business, as well as extensive internet marketing and sales training.

You can promote your own products using our training, but if you don’t own any products, you can learn how to market our products and services to earn money from selling high commission products.

Earn While You Learn

Optionally, you will have the opportunity to promote our system, where you can start to create an income in the form of sales commissions. When you complete the training modules, you can immediately begin to market our products and services as an affiliate marketer.

We will contact potential customers on your behalf, selling to those who are qualified and paying you commissions for your marketing efforts.

The business model and concept is straightforward. You get paid 40-50% commission on the sale price of any products you invest in yourself, and 10% of products you have not. When the SFM sales team makes a sale on your behalf, you will earn commissions for all future purchases from that customer. Commissions range from $100 – $8000 per sale, depending on the product sold.

*Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results – Read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

We’ve Coached Over 3000 Students

Teaching This Exact Same Business Model

Getting our website to number one on two major search engines and eleventh out 13200000 results on a third search engine for free. Feels good. Study the system and apply the learnings. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

A lot can happen in 12 months. From being a scaffolder in 2017 to running and co-owning a digital agency that has just surpassed the 6-figure a month mark. Once you know how to leverage a laptop the opportunities are up for grabs — Sky’s the limit For me, it all started 1 year ago ! I am nothing special and I’m certainly no genius.. But when life tries to push you down just punch it in the face as hard as you can!

Thanks so much for the webinar today it was really great value! What an awesome platform for your members and being so open to advice and assistance – I’m really enjoying the journey and LOVE the step by step learnings from Beginner to Advanced, cant wait to promote this in the future.

The Success Factors For A Digital Business

Highly Targeted Advertising
Advertising online is now easily accessible for any business large or small and is the fasted way to get a positive ROI on your investment.

A Website To Gather Prospective Leads And Customers
Websites these days are now super easy to create and don’t need technical know how. You need one to generate leads into your business.

A List Of Prospective Leads And Customers
Modern software known as an autoresponder where you store and communicate with your leads via email. Very intuitive and easy to use they’re one of the main tools to help automate your business so it can run 24/7

Provide Value
You need to nurture and grow leads on your email list by providing them with valuable content. This will build a positive relationship with your potential customers and increase their desire for your products.

Quality Products (You Don’t Need To Create!)
Amazon is probably the largest affiliate company in the world and you can promote any of their products for a commission. Along with most large retailers around the world, there are thousands of products you can promote as an affiliate, and if you have your own business already you can get them online in no time as as well.

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