5 types of content

In this post, we’ll go over the different types of content you can create to build your online real estate.

Disclaimer: I am still working on this article as I restructure a lot of notes I gathered in different training and workshops. I share it as-is to enable my members to learn from my experience.

Do a 30 days content challenge. Build that marketing muscle. Create a piece of content every day! Be relentless, fearless, go through the learning curve through action. You can know more about this by joining my community of Digital Entrepreneurs.

Don’t negate approachability.
Don’t look too far ahead for your audience because they will feel like it’s not achievable.


“Learn, do, teach” principle.

People are interested in each other. You could write about that. Facebook is full of it.

Be authentic and real.


“What I always perceive as dreams, my daughter made me realized that…”.


Document your journey. Eliminate believes and skepticisms. People need to see you have not always been that successful person. People need to see what it is to get started on something real. Lots of ways to do that! Another way to entertain is humor—very vulnerable. Where folks can laugh, laugh at the situation.


If you are reading books and listening to podcasts, you can talk about what you have learned, summarize, review, etc.


People don’t buy products – you are your product!

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