5 things leaders do

If you do these activities every day, there’s no way you won’t succeed in creating a life you love and being the person you want to be. If you follow this, you will never run of content ideas!

“I know you are busy, but you will find the time to do it. I don’t care. Don’t go to bed until you are in integrity with those five” JJ, coach and mentor at SFM.

Daily visualization and meditation on your goals

This is a daily discipline of about 10 minutes.

Would you follow a leader who is not clear on his vision?

I visualize my ideal day in the evening in my bed. This is awkward at first. The power lies in the details and visualization.

Then what happens after that exercise? I’d feel inspired, driven to reach those goals, no matter what. I would feel emotionally tied to those “visions” of what my future can be.

Reprogram your brain to reach for that vision.

Income Producing Activities

“Carry out specific income-producing activities – place one ad and promote your content.”

Do an income-producing activity every day.

What are they?

Income-producing activities are the things that generate income for your own business. Promote your content by placing ads, sharing your links, work on your SEO, etc. Expand the gateway to your business out there. If you plant that seed today, there is a chance you will bear fruit tomorrow from it!

/!\ Don’t be a “Webinar junkies”, good at learning and terrible at doing. Not enough money to post two adds per day? Post them on free websites. Is it going to generate income? No. But you will get better at it. You will practice and get better at it, just like you don’t practice a sport by only watching videos.

There is a high chance you first paid campaign well blow. Learn from it. Do you see it as a failure or opportunity to learn? Don’t worry about planting a bad seed, plant it.

Personal Development

“Make time to grow your self­awareness – inspirational reading and audio materials.”

Invest in your personal development. Smart go. Be real and honest with your thoughts. Invest in yourself.

People often choose to be a victim. It’s easier. Take radical responsibility for everything in your life. You will then be responsible for creating a new one. Read about leaders. Leaders are learners. Do you like Starbucks? Read about the founder!

Be curious about yourself, others and about the world. Be a lifelong student.

Mastermind with other Leaders

“Keep up with your basic curriculum training and attend live training throughout the week.”

Are you willing to spend time every day with other people that you are inspired to get? Ego is your enemy. I understand when my ego starts to creep in, and I respond differently. Awareness. Spend time with other people. Reprioritize your schedule if you have to.

Expand your circle of influence by listening to podcasts or audiobooks every day (e.g: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Ego is your enemy, etc.). Your brain ingests the information as if you were at dinner with that person. It’s like increasing your circle of influence.

Cultivate the Expectation of Leadership­

“Expect leadership from yourself and those around you – create one piece of new content. Learn, Do, Teach!”

Learn, do and share with someone else today. “I learned something new today that I would kind to implement and share it with you.” Cultivating the expectations of leadership and others.

Daily Method of Operation

Daily Method of Operation Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Create Video or Post
Promote Content
Place One Ad
Basic Curriculum ­ 30 min.
Read 30 min.
Complete Meta­stories.
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